Standalone Media Player
Standalone Media Player
Standalone Media Player
Standalone Media Player
Standalone Media Player

Standalone Media Player

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 This package includes:

  • Media Player
  • Lifetime technical support
  • 3 year warranty

Connect this commercial media player to any compatible HDMI/VGA socket on an existing TV or display screen to turn it into a USB updatable display. Plug and Play is the most straightforward update method. Simply load images and videos on a USB stick, insert in the player, wait for your content to copy over and then remove. Your images and videos will now play in a continuous loop.

Thanks to their Android operating system, these players are more easily updateable and faster than ever before. Connect the media player to your existing screen via HDMI or VGA and 3.5mm audio jack depending on your display’s inputs.

Commercially graded high quality components are used in the design of the media player to ensure that it can be in constant use 24/7. Unlike domestic players, or DVD players, this unit is purpose built to run constantly and is extremely robust.

The eco-friendly power timer allows you to assign daily or weekly on and off times for your media player. The ability to power on and off automatically means that the media player is only in use when it needs to be; improving your environmental efficiency.

For more advanced use you can take advantage of the free scheduling software, allowing you to display different content at certain times of the day. You can also add scrolling text and set image duration and transition effects.

When connected to your display via HDMI you can achieve crystal clear full HD resolution images and videos.

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    Model: PPHD5