media player with live input
media player with live input
media player with live input
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Network Media Player with Live Input

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 This package includes:

  • Media Player with Live Input
  • Network upgrade
  • Lifetime technical support
  • 3 year warranty

Connect this commercial media player to any compatible HDMI/VGA socket on an existing TV or display screen to turn it into live networked CMS Digital Signage screen. You can update your screen either wirelessly (via a Wi-Fi network) or via a Local Area Network (LAN) connection; both options are available with this media player. We can also offer a 4G solution if the location does not already have internet access.

Simply connect a set-top box or desired input source into the media player via HDMI or VGA. Then connect the media player to a screen via HDMI or VGA and you can control the screen’s content via our CMS. It couldn’t be simpler to integrate live TV with Digital Signage. (PiP zone is Landscape Only)

Their integrated Android PC board provides a super fast processing speed allowing for improved communication with the CMS. This means that you can update your screens quicker than ever before. It also allows you to display a live website; this can be anything from a live URL feed provided by a third party to your social media profile.

You can choose a 1 year, 3 year or life time CMS subscription.

    All prices exclude VAT, delivery and installation.

    Model: PPCNET-LIVE